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quotes by thomas jeffersonThomas Jefferson pursuit of happiness quote, as written in the preamble to the Declaration of Independence, has inspired billions of people around the world since then. Other Thomas Jefferson quotations on a variety of subjects can be found in hundreds of his personal letters and scripted speeches, with an eye for posterity apparent in much of his writing. In the idealistic vision of Thomas Jefferson, quotes on freedom and self-governance were real tools for instilling a new political culture of democracy. Thomas Jefferson quotes on democracy reveal a commitment to perpetual revolution, disgust of privilege and distrust of authority. Famous quotes by Thomas Jefferson include one about refreshing the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots. Similarly, Thomas Jefferson quotes on government demonstrate the principles of an agrarian republicanism that is antithetical to the centralized power of Federalism. Thomas Jefferson quotes on banks explain the dangers of a central bank and reveal his personal distaste for bankers. Thomas Jefferson Declaration of Independence quotes are likely his most famous, but the best Thomas Jefferson quotes are not found in his public addresses.

More controversial and personally revealing quotes by Thomas Jefferson can be found in his personal letters to trusted friends and scientific peers. In many of these letters, a Thomas Jefferson quote that he would never share in public makes its way to modern readers. Some of the more controversial lines, such as Thomas Jefferson quotes on slavery or Thomas Jefferson quotes on religion are more revealing of the man himself than any of his more famous quotes. Thomas Jefferson quotes on God may have gotten him in great trouble with both religious authorities and the contemporary church-going public had they been known outside of his trusted circle of friends. Thomas Jefferson Christian quotes show him having deep Deist leanings that included doubt for the divinity of Jesus Christ. Most Thomas Jefferson religious quotes revolve in and around the so-called Jefferson Bible, a secularized review of Jesus' philosophy through cutouts of the Gospels. Thomas Jefferson quotes on Christianity have a tone that relates to their audience as he was a skillful politician, well aware of the danger surrounding such talk.

Thomas Jefferson quotes on government lay out a plan for a form of democracy that would come to bear his name. As demonstrated by Thomas Jefferson Constitution quotes, this was a politician committed to his ideals regardless of the reality of his own life. Thomas Jefferson quotes on slavery are often the most hypocritical as he discussed abolition while at the same time owning hundreds of slaves on a large plantation known as Monticello. It is in these discussions on manumission and race relations that we see a less idealistic image of Jefferson; not only does he believe that immediate abolition would be chaotic and dangerous, he also felt that deportation of all African Americans should be a required compromise to protect society from inharmonious racial mixing. For all of his other progressive ideas, Jefferson failed to see the value of freedom and equality for all Americans.